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Pont Aven - City of arts

Pont-Aven is best known for its association with the post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin.'  Until the mid-19th century, Pont-Aven, named after the river that runs through it, was known for its mills and its port. With the advent of the railways along came tourism and in the 1860s some American painters discovered the village. Word spread throughout the artistic community about its merits and in 1886 Paul Gauguin arrived for the first of several stays; in 1888 he met fellow artist Émile Bernard and the École de Pont-Aven art movement, which focused on colour and symbolism, was born.

One of the loveliest walks in the area is the Promenade Xavier Grall, named after a famous writer who lived in the village, which runs alongside the river and is lined with beautiful plants and shrubs throughout the year.